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Lesson 9 Review Answers

[1] (わたしは) おんがくを ききたい。/ おんがくがききたい。
[2] (わたしは) パーティに いきたい。
[3] (わたしは) テレビを みたい。/ てれびが みたい。
[4] (わたしは) にくを たべたい。/ にくが たべたい。

[5] I want to drink cola.
[6] I want to study Japanese.
[7] I want to read a magazine. (I want to read magazines.)
[8] I want to drink water.

[9] Did you drink my water?
[10] No, I didn't drink your water.
[11] I drank cola.
[12] Where is my water?

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